Growing up is hard to do

November 27, 2008 at 7:11 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

If only I had a career like those women on ‘Sex and the City’ well, minus Charlotte obviusly ‘cos she doesn’t do anything.
If only I could have a dress designed by Vivienne Westwood.
If only things were as easy as flipping your hands backwards.
If only I didn’t have to spend 9-5, well 8 really, sometimes even much longer! doing something that even though I enjoy but drained so much energy and time, also take so much pressure that sometimes I can’t bare.

If only things were less obnoxious.
If only I could have my way with life and spend zero amount of time struggling or trying.
Yes, if only life was THAT easy.
But if I think about it, where’s the lesson in that?
How am I going to grow or how am I ever to know what life is without all the struggle and pain?
I feel sorry for those who’s had things easy. Who’s never had to struggle for what they have, or who’s never had to lift a finger.
Think of all the workload stress and painful long hours at work they’re missing, lol!

I love my job, I do. Even though I’m starting to think that I’m becoming somewhat of a ‘full-time worker’ because I even work on weekends most times
I can totally relate to my favourite Arctic Monkeys’ song ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’. The song talks about how a girl who used to have such an animated life, full of risks yet very enjoyable, decides to settle down and instantly she ‘landed in a very common crisis’. Her life becomes dull and all she has now is the memory of her ‘electric’ youth. If only I could go back to being carefree, where all I cared was hanging out with friends and planning what to do or where to go next weekend. Yes, I absolutely miss the good old days. But a wiseman once said ‘It’s time to grow up!’.

Somewhere at the back of my mind, I know that something great is waiting for me and I’ll just have to wait and see. Even though now that I am becoming less enthusiastic about going out, because most times I’ll be too drained to even step out of the house. I miss my good friends, I really do. But sadly, I’m becoming very boring and very unlively these days!
I guess I’ll just have to believe that there will be time where I can make up for the lack of ‘fun’ I’m having lately.
Well, ’till next time!


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